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Actual meaning in Arabic is May GOD give you power, It is Arabic way of greeting . Also gweet.com is the 1st Arab world online service that provides a regional network of alternative accommodation offered by locals.
Gawak ---> Gweet

It is Arabic way of greeting used mainly amoung Bedouins

We say how to Gweet . Is how to use www.gweet.com site
by Gweet man April 26, 2012
42 0
v. nebulous reference to naughty deeds of variable nature and location
i will gweet you at the door when i first see you, i will gweet you in every room of the house
by backdoorbarbie September 09, 2011
4 2
a stupid person. Someone who is dumb or acting dumb.
Dude, stop bein' such a Gweet!
by ShawnaP March 25, 2007
13 12
the combination of two words go and eat
Hey you guys want to gweet lunch.
by Scott Benting February 01, 2008
8 9
n. a cigarette
v. to smoke a cigarette
1) Lend a gweet?
2) Gotta gweet.
by House of Parliament January 24, 2005
7 10
A gay or homosexual through Sat.-Thrus. On Friday gweet means that you are straight
gay couple is gweet through Sat-Thrus, but straight on Friday.
by Bob Saget11 February 20, 2011
2 7
Persperation behind the scrotum and in front of the anal cavity. the wet stuff in your goochal area. aka gooch sweat.
It's so hot, I have gweet off tha ying!
by Andrew Bean May 08, 2007
5 10