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Actual meaning in Arabic is May GOD give you power, It is Arabic way of greeting . Also is the 1st Arab world online service that provides a regional network of alternative accommodation offered by locals.
Gawak ---> Gweet

It is Arabic way of greeting used mainly amoung Bedouins

We say how to Gweet . Is how to use site
by Gweet man April 26, 2012
v. nebulous reference to naughty deeds of variable nature and location
i will gweet you at the door when i first see you, i will gweet you in every room of the house
by backdoorbarbie September 09, 2011
the combination of two words go and eat
Hey you guys want to gweet lunch.
by Scott Benting February 01, 2008
a stupid person. Someone who is dumb or acting dumb.
Dude, stop bein' such a Gweet!
by ShawnaP March 25, 2007
n. a cigarette
v. to smoke a cigarette
1) Lend a gweet?
2) Gotta gweet.
by House of Parliament January 24, 2005
A gay or homosexual through Sat.-Thrus. On Friday gweet means that you are straight
gay couple is gweet through Sat-Thrus, but straight on Friday.
by Bob Saget11 February 20, 2011
Persperation behind the scrotum and in front of the anal cavity. the wet stuff in your goochal area. aka gooch sweat.
It's so hot, I have gweet off tha ying!
by Andrew Bean May 08, 2007

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