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An easier way of saying "genital warts"... Gwarts rolls off the tongue in a discreet fashion.
Bob: "Hey Steve, lets hit the beach and try to score some chicks!"

Steve: "Nah, I'll have to pass... the saltwater really stings my gwarts"
by Marky Mark and the What? November 19, 2008
Gwart 1 - a man who will drunk massive amount of rum

Gwart 2 - some one of new england bloodline, or from scotland heritiage who loves to drink

gwart 3 - a person who loves there guns more then they do there shine

gwart 4 - a person who yells gwart at fish when angry that it was the wrong fish cought

gwart 5 - a person who like to drive in excessive speeds on a beach with intention of killing birds

gwart 6 - a person whe has a fixation for hemi powered row boats

gwart 7 - a sound made by manbearpig, half man, half bear and half pig

gwart 8 - sound commonly heard on the jetties between north and south padre island

gwart 9 - sound commonly heard with people ascociated with david henss

gwart 10 - gwart

gwart 11 - FUCKEN GWART

gwart 12 - zazz from gwarting

gwart 13 - name of a moonshine beverage made by david henss, 100 proof peach flavored shine

gwart 14 - shut up, im baiting


gwart 16 - commonly refferred to an ass clown towing a boat with his high beams on and is on your bumper

gwart 17 - often a fictional place were people dream of sorrow and escape from daily abuse

gwart 18 - jason bartlett

gwart 19 - kill pig vomit

gwart 20 - chainsaw to the temple, and press the function key

there are your twenty levels

have a nice day
David henss Is the only person in this world to have mastered all 20 levels of gwart

Carlos Gomez and adam garcia have only made it so far...
hooray to those who have tried to master gwart
by phreaker666 April 21, 2010
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