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Furious, female masturbation.
"Christina Aguilera was hospitalised during her sell out concert last night. Only 27 seconds into her hit-single 'Dirty', she gwanked herself unconscious over a picture of Madonna."
by Matty Boy March 09, 2004
A guilty wank. Like if you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of really weird porn and end up getting off to something super strange that you'd never want to admit.
The other day I totally gwank'd to midget jello porn
by Yakomatrix June 26, 2016
Noun: An act of masturbation in the key of G.
Norman was practising his scales on the piano, and became aroused at the sound of the scale of G. He ended up wanking - or having a G-Wank as he told his special friend Raymond later.
*The general word for a disgusting act of hardcore sex, but usually includes: sodomy(with various household items), choking, fighting while having sex, anal, oral, anal to oral, ass licking, etc.

**However the word gwank can simply be used by anyone wishing to put an intensly gross image in the listeners head without exactly knowing what the definition was!
*Although the woman screamed and said "stop filming!", the porn star continued to Gwank the unholy shit out of her vagina with that plunger

**hank "you see that old bitch?
jeff "yeah man"
hank " man would i like to gwank the fuck out of that bitch"
jeff " dude gross i dont want to think about that man."
by Ziggy man August 05, 2009
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