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The gay twang heard in the voice of someone of homosexual orientation. This is usually noticeable enough that it signifies their orientation to others.
Kelly: You hear the gay twang in that guy's voice?
Spencer: Yeah, that's a noticeable gwang, you can tell he's gay.
by kellyraysachamp February 25, 2013
n,v,adj. a word with no definition, but sounds delightfully thuggish, can be used as a verb, noun, or adjective.
noun - "Yo g-wang what you finna do?"

adjective - "Damn! That shit is g-wang!"

verb - "You be g-wangin' cuzzo."
by rye breadizzle June 01, 2005
To use language you have no business using; normally because it's used by a social group other than your own which you are definitely not a part of.
*mother walks into sons room*
Mother: "'Sup Mike, I've come to check out your bitching new MP3 player. 20 gigabits of ram eh? Sweet!"
Mike: "Don't gwang so mother."
by James Norbury May 18, 2007
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