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1. Pronoun, used to describe anyone with the last name Gutierrez
2. Pronoun, disease state, symptoms may include sore throat, aching genitalia, and a pleasured look on face
3. Adjective, gutacular: something spectacular having to do with or in the vicinity of the gute
4. adjective, gutastic: something fantastic having to do with or in the vicinity of the gute
5. Noun, state of mind, usually involving total contentment after sexual activity or intoxication of several sorts
I think I got a case of the Gute.
That movie was Gutastic.
Everything is good when the Gute is around.
by Shawn Gutedog December 16, 2008
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the amalgamation of gay and cute.
Dude that is so gute!
by gingernancy94 June 07, 2011
Gute - The combination of both "gay" and "cute."
Ashley is gute, don't you agree?
by b-rad ndon October 24, 2006
A faggot.
Get outta hear you gute.
by Jimmy Williams April 28, 2003
See slave,nub,and fob.
Gute is such a fob, he makes a great slave, what a nub....
by Master-O-Slaves August 31, 2003
a person who pwnzz,
master of slaves,

he such a gute...
he GUTed us..
by evil-twinkers May 15, 2003
owner of jevv the bird,aka jevv ondonkey
natural pwnzor..
your like a gute, wow

amazing you didnt even try to, but u did anyway.. thats like wow dude
by eviltwinkers August 15, 2004

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