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Gustabo is a nice and caring guy. Who is shy if you don't know him that much.
A Gustabo doesn't like typing that much or talking to may people. But if you are a close friend he is a totally different person. Gustabo is a guy who you can tell anything and tell him not to tell no one and he will not tell no one. So yes Gustabo is the best guy friend someone can have..
Person-Gustabo im going to tell you a secret don't tell anyone else. Gustabo-Okay
by Tavo65 June 07, 2014
One hell of a hockey player. The next Steve Yzerman. Also known to be a god of sex.
Person 1: Wow, look at that dude skate!

Person 2: Hes like a Gustabo!
by crazyfartingdude May 30, 2008
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