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when you drink until you pass out and then you shit in your roommate's bed as well as piss on it. Then you proceed to take a shit and bathe in it afterwards. When it can't get any weirder, you run into the elevator with approximately 8 people with your pants down. After you wake up, you don't remember shit and you get written up. Your roommate moves out and you have to pay a huge fine.
Man, Michael pulled a Guss last night. It was the shit.
by Floor 2 April 09, 2011
137 22
A wonderful group of lady's from the NSW South Coast. Also known as Glamour Models, these girls can be seen frequently partaking in classy activities- especially when they drink.
The Guss looked hot last night, the Bruss could not keep their eyes off them.
by NotTheGirls January 03, 2014
7 3
dude your sooo fucking guss.
by chelseyyybabyyy February 11, 2010
25 69
slap some one on the back of the neck
i well gussed tommy

by benjamin willson October 10, 2008
11 63
To guss means to cum. so cum = guss.
You can guss all you want here big boy.

Oh jeez!!!
by Dr. Shortstuff June 19, 2009
10 67