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A man with beautiful mustache and great knowledge of beards. A man who knows the world better than yo mama. Loves Drake and Lil wayne and likes corny jokes. Only drinks at Peet's because Starbucks is water to him.

He IS the most interesting man in the world, not that beer commercial guy.
I wish I could be a gurtejpal.

Gurtejpal doesn't believe in barriers because he always breaks them.

When you stare really hard and long at the American flag, you see Gurtejpal.

Gurtejpal never studied to become a lawyer. He just stared at the American flag and things came to him.

He never actually went to Harvard, he founded it.
#manjeev #gagan #manjot #jasleen #gurlene #arvinder #amrit
by gentlegiant September 11, 2011
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