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The owner of a small business.
If you haven't met the guroot of the new bakery on main street, you definitely need to because she is running a really great store and and is hiring.
by ExploreMore May 25, 2014
Someone or something that acts and/or looks insanely cute.
Yo shawty, boi is you lookin' hella guroot. I'd hit da guroot right outta dat like it owed my money yo. HOLLA!"

"Dan, why so guroot?"
by Yo Nannie October 19, 2009
1. Something that is too cute to say 'cute'.
2. Someone that is adorable in how they act or look.
(Note: you do not have to look cute/'guroot' to be guroot).
"Michael Cera is so frickin' guroot!"
"You're ugly, but you are so guroot!"
"Am I guroot?"
by Britula October 22, 2009
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