An Indian convict from the movie "The Terminal" hiding in America and working as a airport janitor so that he will not have to return to India and be tryed for stabbing a corrupt police officer in the chest.
"Do ou hav an appion'ment?"
by Narcissus February 03, 2005
Top Definition
When an individual or group of people dominate another person or another group of people while looking good.
Nate: How are you gonna do?
Vinay: We're gonna be sick. Basically we're just gonna gupta you guys.
by Radio & Telephone in my Shower December 14, 2010
A generous philathropist that offers to buy rounds of drinks for people because it makes them feel good.
Person 1: "Hey, I didn't order this drink, where did you get it?"

Person 2: "Gupta got it for you!"

Person 1: "Gupta's the effen MAN!!"
by Diddlersuit March 10, 2010
When an Indian does something idiotic or makes a stupid comment.
He was caught cheating, what a Gupta.
by NrushK April 11, 2011
An act or situation that is so weird, bizarre.
That girl on the train keeps picking her nose while staring at me, man that is Gupta.
by LeKuch February 18, 2012
A racial slang applying to people of Indian and Middle Eastern descent. Usually used as an insult of derogatory term.
"Hey, you know who I hate Josh? That Gupta Kid down the street"
by SmokeysL1ce August 01, 2008
A derrogatory word for people of Indian or Middle Eastern Race.
That Gupta who runs the Qwickie Mart.
by Kevin Johnson KEJ June 29, 2006
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