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A creature from the regions of the northwest suburbs of Chicago. One of the main ways to spot a Guod is by the involuntary facial movements the creature exhibits. The movements are set in a pattern. First, the head shakes slightly side to side. Next, the head nods up and down. He repeats these motions a few times before the final step. The last step is where the Guod juts his head forward and moves his head from left to right. He then repeats all the steps. He does these movements most of the time: while running, driving, sitting in class, etc. Nobody knows if the Guod does this in his sleep, nobody except his mother (who will be defined at a later time, in a different definition)
The nature of the Guod is mysterious. He walks in ways that simply boggle one's mind. He often sits alone brooding on his thoughts, all the time his face moving. What he thinks about is a mystery. Nobody dare pick his brain for fear of retardation.
Of course this definition of a Guod is simply inadequate because nobody really knows all about the Guod. Hopefully we will come to understand him better.
So I was walking in the forest the other day and I saw a thing move into my vison. At first I thought it was a person, but the way it moved and composed itself was different. When it took notice of me, it fled into the trees never to be seen again that day. I then realized what I saw must have been a Guod.
by LeRoi February 17, 2007
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