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A healing or newly injured area anywhere between the navel and genitals.

The resulting coagulation of blood/puss due to injury to the gunt. Caused from any of the following:

Driving electric cart into fried chicken case @ Walmart
Oversized belt buckle rubbing gunt raw
Waxing fat roll in expectation of intercourse
Slamming your fat lower abdomen in bread drawer
Reverse cowgirl with freshly shaved ass
Being blown by steampunks
Fucking Gary Coleman's corpse

Has been known to be a generated suggested gamertag on Xbox Live.

Also qualifies as a precursor to blue waffle taintzillitis or tiddy mcflippins.

WARNING: Highly contagious in mullatos and Tolkien readers
"The warts on my fupa scraped your zipper while we were fucking, now this morning I come to see I have gunt scabs.
I'll need some antibiotic for that."
by smackagaweanis December 29, 2011
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