Proper Noun. A slang way of saying hello by extending your pointer finger and raising your thumb.
As I drove down the road Jimmy waved at me to say hello, I extended my arm giving him the gun slinger as a way to return the gesture.
by Kaspertfg7 February 06, 2013
an armed criminal( from a broad term referencing the old west, sometimes used for bandits and outlaws)
Stay away from that gunslinger.
by The Return of Light Joker May 26, 2009
A person who can perform many different tricks with any gun.
Whoa, did you see that gunslinger?! He kicks ass!
by Michael Orion July 10, 2008
An amazing song by Avenged Sevenfold, one of the best bands ever!!!!!
Hey, did you ever hear the song "Gunslinger" by Avenged Sevenfold? It fucking rocks!!!
by a7xdollface November 21, 2009
Same as a shogun, but another funny name -- Any guy who only goes to the gym to work there arms and neglects all other aspects of their physique.
Chauncy: Dude, look at all these turkey's curling; it's got to be Monday.
Jeff: Yeah dude, I hate gunslinger's. I bet they don't have one t-shirt in their drawer with the sleeve's still on.
by brent logero August 04, 2008
Someone who plays the electric Guitar,

usually the guitarist is in a metal band
Shane is our new gunslinger, for he is insane with his guitar skills.
by Dustin the man September 25, 2006
Texas prison term for someone who masturbates often & usually in front of female guards.
"My new cellmate is a gunslinger. He's gonna pull it off if he doesn't slow down."
by AlstottsNo1Fan November 05, 2007

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