LOL!! tahts funnie, see guns n' roses this is the definition that people search for that dont know shit about gn'r and hate them.
person: i HATE guns and roses!
gn'r fan: nedver heard of them, i LOVE guns n' roses though!!!

get it..?
by Nik October 05, 2004
Top Definition
The best band in the Rock N´ Roll history
Guns and Roses concert was the best of my life!!!
by elArgentino July 25, 2009
Any gun used for protection of another person {loved one) who gets killed as a result.
Shootout in Ruby Ridge resulted in the death of the gunman's wife.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
a gun used in defense of love.
He used his gun to protect his family.
by JesseJames January 10, 2005
Guns and Roses are an old band commonly mistaken for Bon jovi.
"Do you like Sweet Child of mine by Guns and Roses?"
"You mean Bon Jovi?"
"Oh yeah sorry, same thing. Silly me."
by Matt Stanley May 26, 2008
The shitiest most overrated fucking band in the history of the world.
Axl sound like Edith Bunker on All In The Family.
by gnr r shit October 29, 2004
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