the best band ever apart from axl rose you cock
axl rose is a cock
nuff said
by rory July 11, 2004
A great band, whose reputation has unfortuantely taken a hit due to a girl named rose being horrible at giving blowjobs.
Guns N Roses should be renamed: "Guns and Sucked at Sucking my Cock"
by BLUMF March 27, 2005 of the worst bands every. they suck more than dare I say OZZY. Besides Velvet Revolver is a shit load better
They suck what are you going to do??
by Bearded Abe February 27, 2005
One of the best bands to ever play. They continued the great hard rock tradition of AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Van Halen. In the classic lineup(Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff McKagan, Steve Adler, and later Dizzy Reed), they recorded some of the greatest songs in rock.
They set themselves appart from the rest of 80's rockers because while they understood that rock n' roll is supposed to be a good time (unlike the teenage-angst "rockers" that pollute the airwaves today), they also had unbelievable amounts of talent. And you can like Guns n' Roses and Nirvana at the same time. The gunners weren't hostile towards Kurt; in fact, Duff and Kurt met on an airplane and were friendly with eachother.

Unfortunately, Axl Rose could behave like a jerk when he got pissed (which was alot). Lets see how you'd be if you were brought up in a fundamentalist home where your stepdad hit you from the age of 2 and kicked you out at age 16. Plus, he's manic-depressive. He still is a great talent and can be a nice guy sometimes. Though his facelift and dreadlocks were a couple of pretty bad choices.

Guns n' Roses never were rascist in their music. People who criticize One In A Million don't have clue what they're talking about. Axl has said that it was ABOUT the rascism and homophobia in America, not in favor of it. Besides, Slash is part black and part Jewish.

Fortunately, Izzy Stradlin and Axl have reconciled their differences, and at least that much of the Appetite for Destruction-era band may be reunited. When Chinese Democracy is released, the world will finaly get some real rock n' roll instead of mall rock.
Guns n' Roses are a talented, creative, authentic band that came from being poor and obscure to being world famous, back in the days before MTV went downhill.
by Jonzo the Weasel August 09, 2006

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