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A term that seems to be largely skewed on this website.

A nonconformist is NOT a goth, and is nothing like it. Goths are conformists, as they are conforming to being goths. There are no 'group considered nonconformists' because that doesn't make sense. A nonconformist is simply someone who doesn't like the social groups he lives around, so chooses to stay out of it. These people will normally be wearing random articles of clothing, sometimes or often provocative that wouldn't actually put someone into a 'group'.
Tim wore a tight T-shirt and a jacket to school today. Yesterday he had a plain T-shirt of a random band name on it that had no similarities to the one worn today. Regardless, he was still ridiculed by self -proclaimed geniuses on the internet who said that he would HAVE to conform, no matter what.
by MrFishie May 05, 2005
A bag lined with aluminum to get passed store sensors. Used to shoplift.
Rachel stuffed 20 packs of gum in her magic bag and just waltzed out of the gas station.
by MrFishie May 07, 2005
An occurance in which someone leaves the room in rage or sadness for dramatic effect, often not finishing the afforementioned conversation. Can also be applied to chat rooms.
I told her she had been ignoring her friends and she totally pulled an emo.

Me: Stop ignoring everyone, you're not the only person with problems
XxOneThousandTearsxX has signed off.
by MrFishie May 01, 2005
A sub-par band that was made signifigantly more awful by their values of racism and sexism.

Attempted to beat up real musicians who addressed real issues such as Kurt Cobain. Has been seen telling Kurt to "shut his bitch up" and played music/made statements involving horrid racism.

Started a battle in high schools between Nirvana and Guns N Roses.

Not really a good band anyway.
I was listening to Guns N Roses until I realized I had some human decency.
by MrFishie April 02, 2005

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