One of the only hair metal bands from the 80's to survive today along with Bon Jovi, though unlike Bon Jovi gn'r is known for more than 3 songs. They stand out from the crowd because of their musical talent and their innovative techinques. Their leader, Axl Rose, is the only orriginal bandmember remaining (unless you count Dizzy Reed, their original keyboardist), but the true heart and soul is guitarist Slash. The entire band, in all of it's lineups, has been good though. It once featured Buckethead, a guitarist who may be even better than Slash.
Their debut album, appetite for destruction, is the highest selling debut of all time. Their other albums have also been great, though appetite is generally seen as their best work ever.
They were known for sex, drugs, and rock n' roll to the letter, which didn't go well with the so-called moral majority, and their ways made some, like Kurt Cobain's fans, say they objectified women. This may be true, but they rock all the same. And anyway, "sweet childo' mine"'s words are based on a poem axl wrote for his girlfriend.
They are also controversial for their song One in a Million which spoke of "police and niggers" and "immigrants and faggots," causing many to flinch. But the people who call it offensive obviously didn't listen to the last verse "radicals and rascists, don't point your fingers at me." and didn't read the album title G n' R Lies.
Guns n' Roses is one of the best bands ever. They came from being played at 5 AM on MTV to huge success.
by King of Canada July 21, 2006
Guns N Roses' were one of greatest rock bands of the eighties and could be easily claimed as one of the best ever. They split up due to Axl Rose wanting to much control and generally being a dick. Since they broke up he has tried to reform the band with new members, but they are now just an empty shell. The closest thing to the real Guns N' Roses now is Velvet Revolver.
"What ever happened to Guns N' Roses?"
"Nothing good lasts forever."
by My Cabbage Shall Suffer September 14, 2008
Best hair metal band ever, Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, sold 20 million copies and had three singles in the top 10. Words aren't enough to describe them, listen to their music.
"Welcome to the Jungle" is an old song, but it's way ahead the present-day pop, hip-hop, and nu-metal crack hits.
by Sam March 11, 2004
A terrible excuse for music. Miserable instrumentalists, lyricists, and composers. Simply put, they FUCKING SUCK! Axl Rose has zero talent, and has to cover it up by whining like a newborn baby.
Slash? Have you morons ever heard of Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton? Guns n' Roses couldn't lick Led Zeppelin's sweaty, hairy BALLS!
by your Lord and Savior August 25, 2007
the greatest band ever slash\saul hudson(lead guitarist) is the coolest ever manages to do every thing whilst smoking and contary to most above entrys they released most of their albums in the 1990's not in the 1980's
appetite for destruction 1987
G N'R lies 1989
use your illusion 1 1991
use your illusion 2 1991
the spagetti incedent 1993
by Derek or chris July 03, 2005
good, you clicked my link (if you dida search for guns and roses) if you did than you dont know shit about guns n' roses, well geuss waht?.. you just learned something, that its not guns and roses its guns n' roses...see the difference? this is what people search for if then know a thing or two about them, and knwo hwo to spell it right. anyway...there an almighty band who unfortantlly broke up cuz axl is such a faggot. dotn get me wrong.. i like his voice, but he himself is gay..he made the rest of the band sighn the name over to him or he would leave them, how low is that?!
guns n' roses are teh almighty ones!!!!
by Nik October 05, 2004
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