A person (specifically a woman) who swallows her partner's ejaculate.
That Britney, she doesn't look like much, but she is a complete gunker.
by Sven Gundenbloom September 18, 2007
Top Definition
A Gothic/punk raver.

Tend to be underage, wear corset-like tops and/or other revealing clothing (think ripped tutus and tights), and far too much make up. May also enjoy drama and other attention-seeking behaviors, which can often be observed through the over-use of "poor and vulnerable me" story lines.
Wow did you see/hear that (what is presumably but not always a) girl?!? Ugh, what a Gunker!
by TwiKy November 12, 2010
Some one with one eye that is crossed
That girl is a gunker she has one eye looking at you and the other one is looking for you
by Damienod June 09, 2008
Someone who is being stupid, or unreasonable. You dont like them at all.
That kid trying to be black, yeah, hes a gunker.
by BLHMBA321 October 01, 2005
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