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(Also known as an ammosexual. Previously known as a guntard, but the term no longer applies as this individual's obsession with firearms has reached a hysterical point of no return) Someone who has an unhealthy and fascinating obsession with guns, often times this bizarre obsession turns sexual, hence the name in reference. These people often lack cognitive thought and do not contribute much of anything meaningful or insightful to society, as they have a hard time focusing or relating to others unless the topic at hands is guns, ammo or their favorite gun lube. These people often rant and rave about America and the constitution while amazingly having no allegiance to the country whatsoever. Paranoia is also frequently rampant among these people, as they live in constant fear that someone is going to come and take their guns.
Friends: Hey Steffie, you wanna go to the club tonight?

Steffie: Nah guys, as much as I'd love to I feel like I've been neglecting my guns lately. I haven't been spending as much time with them as I'd like to. Plus I need to lube the barrels. Lots of lube. Then mount them.

Friends: LOL whatever you crazy gunfucker.
by Adawg503 July 28, 2014
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