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Worst word ever. Cunt and then some
Mel is a dirty gunch!
by Lou June 23, 2004
119 36
1. A gazillion bunches.

2. A lot
3. A large amount of something.
1. Thank you gunches.
2. I love you gunches.
3. I have gunches of bunny rabbits.
by Deavii February 19, 2010
1 3
A contraction of "gut punch"

Can be used in various tenses as well:
That crazy son of a bitch forced me to g'unch him so he would stop talking and start listening.

Shut your mouth or you're gonna' get g'unched.

Yo, motha fucka, you is cruising for a g'unching.
by AK Smack Talk May 17, 2012
0 3
Gay Lunch. when two men eat lunch together and then swap blow jobs.
1. verb. I'm totally going to gunch him someday.
2. noun. So I had a really nice midday gunch with Austin today.
by immaslut March 19, 2012
1 4
The nasty, swamp-like area on a golf course that smells terrible.
Roger: "Aww, man. I just put my ball in the gunch."

Ken: "Chalk that ball up as a goner. Nobody goes into the gunch."
by don't suck July 25, 2010
9 12
Noun. A person who is a grouchy, bitch, cunt.
Anna: "Alice is so mean to us. She's a dirty gunch!"
by Jskstb February 08, 2010
2 6
verb - to decorate to excess, to overdo a task.
Grandma sure does know how to gunch up a backyard with garden gnomes, flamingoes, and lawn balls!
by greenman1 September 05, 2011
0 5
aka Guy Lunch; When the guys in the office get together for lunch. Typically at a Sports Bar or Hooters or pretty much anywhere that serves beer and wings.
Clay: Hey, what are you doing for lunch?
Dannon: No plans...gunch?
Clay: Gunch!
Dannon: Let's do it!
by KingD1234 July 21, 2011
1 6