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1. Caught up in the romance of noble deeds and the pursuit of unreachable goals; idealistic without regard to practicality.
(see also Quixotic)

2. Not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic; "a romantic disregard for money"; "a wild-eyed dream of a world state"

3. A quantum mechanical system or particle that is bound , confined spatially, or contained within a Bipedal organism, that is not necessarily terrestrial in nature.
"He is intelligent but too Gulsby for the job"
"I woke up this morning and realized that I had totally Gulsby'd all my money away last night".

Examples in Science & Developmental Technology include:

"The Gulsby Theorem"
"Advanced Gulsby-Applied Thermal Dynamics"
"The Gulsby Law of Seawater & Semantic Consequence"
by Jacob Higgenbothem Sr. M.D. September 04, 2009
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