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Someone who happily drinks all the social distortions, and buzzwords that are created to stereotype people who are fighting for truth in politics. This person might have good intentions yet lack social creativity, and spatial capabilities, and resorts to other peoples terms for power. "Gulpers" are usually associated with both left, and right wing pundits, in U.S. Politics.
Woman: Did you hear about the book "Ecoscience" that Obama's science advisor John P Holdren co-authored with Bush's science advisor, that talks about sterilizing the water supply...etc?

Woman #2(lib): You must be a right winger!

Man(con): But Bush was a great president, except for the mass genocide, and support for eugenics!

woman: Wow,you two are some serious gulpers!
by SickNTired July 28, 2009
a woman who swallows
Damn! Dat trick ass gulper gave it to me good last night.
by Benjamin Ruiz March 05, 2004
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