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Stage name of Norwegian Hard Rock band "Sigur Ros Must Die!" front man, Ken Jhashwinn. He started playing music at age 8 when he found a mexican classical guitar washed up on the shore of his summer home's beach in Denmark. After the tragic death of his miniature horse Klip Klop, Jhashwinn began to mourn by playing solemn songs of heartbreak. As Klip Klop followed a sedan playing a Sigur Ros song off of a nearby cliff, Jhashwinn's song writing turned from mourning to hate for the band. At the age of 19, he met his bandmates, bassist Bjorn Loowel, and drummer Jorgen Von Strogen, both of whom also had scorn for Sigur Ros, and formed the aformentioned band. Ironically, Jhashwinn's father, Yohan, loved Sigur Ros, so as not to disappoint his father, Ken Jhashwinn began to perform under the name, Guitaro Stryngs, as it was the inscribing he discovered on the inside of the mexican classical guitar after he smashed it when he first heard of Klip Klop's fatal descent down the side of a fjord.
Ladies and gentlemen, put your Sigur Ros hating hands together for...GUITARO STRYNGS!!!
by Quincy London May 23, 2007
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