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When a beautiful draught of Guinness is spilled.
Don't commit Guinnesscide, hold on tight to your drink.
by Tepid Darkness July 13, 2015
1) Drinking nothing but Guinness all night, nearly resulting in your death due to the nitrogen shits the next day.

2) drinking all the irish beer in a single bar

3) Consuming five or more Irish Car Bombs, in a single sitting.
Rost: Dude, you just destroyed the bathroom!
Rhett: Yeah, I committed Guinnesscide last night. Sorry

Bailey: Barkeep, I'll have a Smithwicks.
Barkeep: Sorry, but a bunch of kids came in here and committed Guinnesscide. But we have Bluemoon.
Bailey: Fuck Bluemoon

Rhett: When did Drew get so drunk?
Rost: He committed Guinnesscide a while ago.
Rhett: But he's drinking dirty Shirley Temples?
Rost: Yeah, but he had like ten Irish Car Bombs earlier.
by rhettku February 28, 2011

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