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A rare species of cat which has been through a hard life of bullying (From fellow cats) and confusion..

the main features of this cat are :

-Fat... Extremly fat.

- Usualy has his/her tounge sticking out due to a swolen lip most of the time.
- Sometimes can be a bit off balanced when standing up
- Prefered sleeping place - inside the sheets of a bed cover, if this sleeping place is unavaliable for any reason the guineafrog will head for the nearest pillow or item of clothing.
- Will ONLY drink out of the bath.. anything else will not live up to the high standards of the guineafrog.
Last but not least Guineafrog lacks common sense and can get confused easily so if you happen to come accross one be considerate and dont stand on him/her.
did you see that guineafrog?!
by Keeeey November 07, 2009
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