long island master, somebody who drinks long island for breakfast!
This guy is a guillaume, watch out!! Don't challenge him
by Sandy69 May 03, 2008
Top Definition
The French equivalent of the name William. Sometimes shortened to "Gui" for short. Guillaumes' are creative, sensitive, terribly-attractive, have a love for shoes, but sometimes introverted.

If you ever have the pleasure to meet a Guillaume to not pass up the chance. They will make you laugh and sing!
That shoe is so beautiful and has the charisma of Guillaume.
by More than Fun February 03, 2010
Guillaume will be the most amazing and sexiest person of all times, they can make you laugh until you die are gorgeous and at the same time when they show you their abs and sexy body and you just won't resist a ride in bed with them! at the same time a ride in bed with them is a YES because they have a big dick and know how to use it ! Don't pass the chance if you ever meet one !
Friend1: Wow Guillaume is so good in bed !
Friend2: I know I nearly fainted seeing that sexy body !
by Mrcool123 May 24, 2015
A lebanese porn star who likes to spread kefta sauce on the large flappy asshole of the belly dancers. He owns a midget farm and beats them daily. Also, guillaume is a name for one who likes to spread asscheeks and toss salads. He likes to spread butter on the fat fupas of the hairy lebanese women

A guillaume is a sexuall term meaning to toss someones salad until you throwp back into their asshole and then lick the throwup out of their ass
Julie, would you like to perform a guillaume?
by bartholin69 May 22, 2011
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