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To drink large amounts of strong beer without eating. May result in loss of awareness of where your belongings are, where you are, who you are, and who your friends are.

Widely used term in Bavaria and Alsace. More recently also used in English speaking nations. Unknown origins.
No food with all that beer? Ah, you're doing a Guilhem. Watch out for the consequences!
by Volcano dude March 21, 2011
Guilhem comes from the south of France version of Guillaume. Usually blond hair men, Guilhems are commonly gifted with amazing imagination. Very smart and spontaneous, they are also quite skilled for play with words, especially for cursing. So theyre quite evil guys, but still sexy.
Watch out ! Here comes a Guilhem !!" "OMG look at his butt
by Cotycot December 14, 2010
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