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a very large town in upstate New York. Home to Crossgates Mall, corner icecream, Ronald Park, and a bunch of rich white kids who act think they're hot shit. There are many wannabe hicks who drive around in rusty pick up trucks reving their engines and pouting air,wearing camo clothes, and wannabe guidos. They start internet drama and claim to go to Albany house parties. Theres alot of whores too. Many kids go to the mall to hangout or go to the park. Place is a joke.
Josh: dude, at this party last night, some pussy from guilderland couldn't even stand up after drinking one beer
Tom: what a pussy! i hate gland fags
by anonimiousoranlso June 26, 2011
Extremely Dangerous Place.
this is where all the Tru Gangstas come from.

word of advice: always bring a gun when walking around the streets of G-Land.
L-ozer see Lozer
R-espiratory illnes
A-nd 1
by Lloyd Bank$ NY Guilderland May 03, 2005
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