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A person that's a: gay homosexual faggot masturbater. Its GHFMBA but its phonetically pronounced like guh-fum-buh. (Not literally, but a funny diss to your obviously straight male friends)
Example: Yo man, you wanna hit up the club tonite? Gonna be mad hotties there! Nah, I wanna stay home and finally beat this level of dungeons and dragons. Yo, youre a fucking gufumba bro! All the hot chicks gonna be there and you wanna stay home and play video games?

What's up man! What's going on this weekend? Nothing much Guf, just chillin. Hahaha you got a lot of jokes!

Hey man, that hot chick is giving you the eye! Go get her phone number! Umm no cuz I'm too shy! Awww fuck your such a fucking gufumba lol!
by treezman June 27, 2011
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