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1. One of the most forgettable, ignorable members of the highly overrated Young Money camp.

2. A rapper with a really stupid pseudonym.

3. A rapper who refers to his girlfriend as "grocery bag", just because it rhymes with the previous line in that horrible song "Bedrock" by Young Money", a lyrical tendency all too common with the Young Money crew.
Jack: Man that rapper's totally lazy. He just used some random word because it rhymed with another word. That's lame.

Jill: Totally. Way to pull a Gudda Gudda.
by Ser Davos Seaworth November 25, 2011
1. A rapper who thought "gutter" is the best word he could use to describe his skills.
2. A joke made to entertain people.
3. A word used to insult rappers.
1. Gutter 1: Dude have you heard of gudda gudda?

Gutter 2: Yeah we are definitely not that bad.
2. Jack: Hey wanna hear a joke?

Sam: Sure

Jack: Gudda Gudda's rap career.
3. Eminem: Dude 50 waita pull a gudda gudda

50 Cent: I though we was cool man. WTF

Eminem: No I'm just kidding you aren't nearly as bad as that faggot.
by Quick Hands March 14, 2010
thee is about to get in thy ass
I'm about to gudda gudda
by gudda gudda _12 September 24, 2010
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