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Lips that look like you need a life-time supply of chap stick just to last you one day without your your lips crumbling apart; Leather Lips.
Radric: What's happenin!
Otis: Dayum! Fuck Whoopi Goldberg yo ass got them Gucci Mane Lips...
Radric: Shhiiiiittt... You got some carmex?
Otis: Yo ugly ass gon need more than that!
by ZigZa Goon July 24, 2009
Lips so crusty that they need a bottle of olive oil to moisten them up.
eeew, you see that dude? He got a bad case of Gucci Mane Lips, better get him some chapstick or lip gloss or olive oil or something!
by zaradee August 18, 2009