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a lovely breed of child with one parent being of the Puerto Rican race and the other of the Guatemalan. Not many exsist but the ones who do are usually a site to see! They genes in the DNA mix quite wonderfully. Green eyes with dark curly hair or light skinned, soft brown hair sometimes accompanied by a Puerto Rican booty. Very rarely called Puertomalan, since that just sounds silly.
Person#1- Hey..she's half Puerto Rican and half Guatemalan! What can we call her...?
Person#2- She's a Guaterican!
by Carmen Gomez April 28, 2007
50% Guatemalan and 50% Puerto Rican. This mix of DNA mostly found in the New England area like Rhode Island in which is pretty common to find around.
That kid is guate rican
by 317 May 21, 2007
somebody who is mixed with puerto rican and guatemalan
look at that hot ass guy he guate rican!!!!
by titoa43 December 12, 2006
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