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Spanish word meaning dirty bastard
You'll often find this written on dirty cars "GUARRO" or shouted out of the car windows towards bad drivers
by piethief August 29, 2007
Mexican slang, derived from guarura.
Means bodyguard or driver/bodyguard.
A guarro is normally armed, drives a bulletproof mercedes/bmw and has a tiny radio device in his ear, always in gray or black suits. If the person is particularly important/rich the guarros (up to five) will have their own black dodge bulletproof car where they will sit and follow the bulletproof mercedes/bmw all day. They stare out the window and make sure no one even gives their employers a nasty look. They usually work for fresas and other rich types in Mexico City and other wealthy areas of this country.
Te voy a hechar a mis guarros.
(I will send my guarros to beat you)
by Parapatonguino August 27, 2009
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