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Pack animals from Morrowind that look like lizards.
Outlander sadle up the guar!
by Random_punk666 October 11, 2004
Guar is short for "guarantee" or "guaranteed" and was coined by the members of Phi Kappa Psi at Indiana University.
kid 1: "Yo, do you want to go shoot hoops later?"
kid 2: "Guar."

kid 1: "I think we took cubby rips last night."
kid 2: "That's a guar."
by hoosiersthisisIU May 16, 2011
a person who god shat on and gave them ginger hair
look at that guar, man...i'd hate to be ginger!
by hols heffernan January 12, 2004
A person who is very strange and can be, at times, entertaining. Also is a perv.
Yo, Guar! Stop trying to look up my skirt!
by DarkApathy April 02, 2005
A Cigarette.
Yo dude, you got a guar?
by MB August 15, 2003
A Ginger person... who plays guitar
There's something ginger in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? GUARBUSTERS!!
He wears a hat cos it don't look good, who you gonna call? GUARBUSTERS!
by User4 September 29, 2004