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Guano-a-guano- is a Jersey originated term that means "bullshit to bullshit". Best examples are when politicians (or extreme left wing liberals) begin debating a subject and you just know it's all going to be "politics as usual" or "guano-a-guano" match. Derived from the Spanish term "Mano-a-mano" - originally used in bullfighting by matadors trying to gain the popularity from the crowd. And of course Guano is the excrement from seabirds, bats and seals...

Also the rhetoric that spews from the mouths of socialist, anti capitalist liberals.
In 2011 when the republicans gain control of the house of representatives, I cant wait for the Guano-a-guano debates and rhetoric that will come from the liberals. I can't wait for Barrack Hussein Obama and Speaker of the House, John Boehner start their first session in Congress about repealing Obamacare. It's going to be guano-a-guano at it's best!
by BobNJ November 12, 2010
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