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Technically: a workhorse/sweatshop province in Southern China.

Slang Term: The name Godzilla would give his genitalia or "dong" if he had the option of doing so.
Man: "Oh no! It's Godzilla! We must flee!"
Woman: "Golly! Did you see his penis take out that building! Now THAT's a monster worth worshipping!"
Godzilla: "Rrraaaaaawwwr!"
(Translation courtesy of Snoop Dee-Oh-Double-Gee: "Yo beeyitch, thass what I'm muhfuckin' talkin' 'bout! Worship dis sheeyit by bizzendin' izzover so I can git me one of dem good long looks at whatchoo workin' wit' gurl. Dats rite! Muhfuckuhs tag be Guangdong. Say it. Pronunciate it beeyitch! Guangdong yo! Guangdong!"