GTKS, meaning "Graph Train Kings South" is one of the smaller gangs in Melbourne which is located in the south eastern suburbs. Usually around Bentleigh and Ormond and surrounding areas. This gang has gotten major attention from their love of dirt bikes and stupid behaviour on the roads. If you see someone doing a wheelie on a road on this part of melbourne its probably someone from GTKS. This gang also sells alot of lean and weed and make an absolute killing out of it. This gang tag and graph can be found on metro trains and buses.
You see any of them GTKS boys around here?
Yeah man they're roaming the streets looking for trouble.
by ghettofinder September 04, 2016
the acronyme for: get to know
Person 1: i don't know how awesome she is

Person 2: well gtk
by Rocket_Queen February 19, 2015
An acronym for the phrase 'get the kill' meaning to have sex with a certain individual.
Boy 1: Hey bro I'm chilling with my girlfriend tonight!
Boy 2: Sweet man, gtk!
by ernyandsp July 05, 2011
short for Good To Know.
He let me know she had chlamydia via IM and I said "gtk".
by bartcatz January 04, 2005
Good To Know

Said when people tell you things you don't really care about or want to hear.
Ashley: I'm having my period right now.
Chris: GTK Ashley
by cwirght July 23, 2009
An acronym for "Gimp Tool Kit"
A gui toolkit that's used by free software such as pidgin, gimp and a couple of other programs. It is also used by two popular desktop environments such as xfce, and gnome.
Pidgin, gimp, xfce, gnome and a couple other programs are all written in gtk
by Xfree86John December 30, 2008
GTK is a cell phone texting acronym for "get to know". It has now migrated into general speech.
shakira, "I would like to GTK Boris."

ariel, "Funny you should mention him. He was hitting on me. I told him why don't you GTK Me first?"
by sarenavalilis January 19, 2009
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