Top Definition
When somebody or something is extremely sarcastic
Dude that kid was pissing me of more than a Gstomp
by Marz yake November 26, 2013
Abbreviation for Goomba Stomp. The total and complete dominance over a n00b in the realm of gaming, akin to the act of Mario squashing a goomba underfoot.
Yo brohammer, did you me 4-stock that button masher in Smash? I totally G-Stomp'd that n00b.
by TheMadler January 12, 2012
If one such as a Negro wore a boot as if they were gonna stomp the yard. As if a gang got in a fight one would be pushed down and slammed with the opponents boot(in the face) .
Holy shit did you just see that he just got g-stomped.
by Leroy Banks November 19, 2007
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