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A girl who listens to punk and grunge. Her style is mixed up from grunge style and punk. Grungettes has a vibe of Riot Grrrls too. The word ''grungette'' is mixed from ''grunge'' and ''punkette''.

Grungettes listens to bands like Pearl jam; Alice In Chains; Soundgarden; Sex Pistols; Distillers; Bikini Kill; Hole; Nirvana and etc.

Grungette's style goes from all black to plain white. Includes camo clothing; combat boots; tartan skirts and pants; leather jackets; plaid shirts; hoodies; big shoulder bags (usually black).

Grungettes have a certain state of mind. They are dreamy; has their own attitude; they are emotional, but often doesn't show their feelings. Grungettes are dynamic (changes their looks a lot and doesn't stay in one certain outfit or color for long). Grungettes often are difficult to understand.
-''Anarchy in the UK!''
- I thought you like grunge.
- I'm a grungette. I love punk and grunge.
by F@nt@sy Fre@k January 12, 2012

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