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A Grunder Trifecta is the ultimate achievement of having the perfect combination of three bodily fluids stains in one's underwear a.k.a. Grunders at the same time. To achieve Grunder Trifecta status, one must have signficiant fecal, urine and semen stains in the underwear at any one given time (if male). If female, fecal, urine and vaginal discharge stains at any one given time.

The Grunder Trifecta stains can be created all at the same time which requires some significant skill with timing, sexual activity and dietary strategy. Most Grunder Trifectas are created over the course of several days or even weeks allowing the stains to form naturally over time which enhances their appearance and sometimes the quantity and thickness of the stains.

The Grunder Trifecta is often done as a precursor to creating a Grunder Quadfecta which adds a fourth element of smell to the underwear. The Grunder Quadfecta creates a strong allure when adding stench and aroma to the stains of a Grunder Trifecta.
While in the locker room after football practice, Roger noticed that Frank had been wearing the same Grunders for the past week. When confronted about the situation by Roger, Frank advised that he was just a shart stain away from having a perfect Grunder Trifecta and advised Roger that he was planning to go for the Grunder Quadfecta and anticipated after his date with Sonja the Village Bicycle, he expected that the aroma would permeate the locker room and all the team would embelish him with praise over his accomplishment.
by Pierce Hyman April 11, 2014
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