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A chunk of dried skin created by a pair of sweaty, reeking balls that hang too low and are left unattended for far, far too long in the middle of a July heatwave in Utah. This chunk of skin is deposited, through the friction caused by the rippling, thunderous, hairy thighs attached to said balls, onto the swampy region found betwixt the subject's scrotum and anus, and is then found by the subject's unfortunate girlfriend when he arrives home from his four hour shift at the Fried Chicken Castle and requests a quick blowjob before plopping down to a six hour World of Warcraft marathon with the rest of the grown men in the neighborhood who reside in their mothers' basements.
Dude, I am not giving you a blow job until you switch over your mom's whites into the dryer and clean up those nasty grundel nuggets you've always got sprouting down there.
by stacerleelee June 29, 2011
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