A guitar drum.

Guitar + Drum = grum
When a guitarists uses the base of their guitar to make percussion like sounds. This is then refered to banging the grum.
by Guy Cruz November 11, 2005
Top Definition
A picturesque humanoid with large and superficial folds of skin protruding from its head and mid-line. Texture is similar to that of the sticky west. Is also a PilGRUM , grum descends from the pre-historic era. Crescent rolls , greenbean casserole , gravy and MAZE .....ohhhh MAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Friend of Glen Tennis, grum resides in Grub's Tavern with Carlor (see Carlor).
Glen Tennis :Im here with Gruuuum star of the PilGRUMs
*Technical difficulties*
Grum: Hii! Thank... You......for having... me
by Great Ni! June 09, 2009
The spontaneous feeling you get when you suddenly feel pumped/hyped/excited and feel like you can do anything.

You know the feeling when you get it and it comes for no reason what so ever.
I was sitting around and then suddenly felt so grum and jumped up and down and hit things in a spantaneous moment of excitement
by Mr. A-Z September 06, 2007
-med -ming


1. A crease or wrinkle in an object that is flexible or bendable.


2. To permanently corrugate something.

3. To create impact on the surface of something, permanently disfiguring, damaging, wrinkling, crushing, folding, or creasing the object.


4. To be wrinkled, or corrugated.
The grum on the safe was caused by the fire.

The semi-truck was grumming was it smashed into the wall.

That old man's face is grummed.
by COOLERMASTER January 01, 2011
The coolest city in Sweden. Famus people growed up in Grums:
Benny Körv, Tord Kråka, Johan Pingvin, Glidar Roger, Kodda, Den långe Jugoslavien, Peter Fetus and Tomas Hellström.
Hey, Benny Körv, Tord Kråka, Johan Pingvin, Glidar Roger, Kodda, Den långe Jugoslavien, Peter Fetus and Tomas Hellström, lets go to Grumspuben.

Damn, Grums is a cool place!
by KGB Jr. July 23, 2004
Shitty, particularly when talking about weather. Can also be used to talk about circumstances.
This weather is grum as fuck. This is a grum ass time.
by Tha Rambis November 14, 2012
The definition of grum is a masterpiece. Its the step up from the slang word grim ( which means a women of many talents *wink*) this word should only be used in circumstances of complete whoredem. It works both way towards men and women...mostly women. It was discovered on a night out in the claddagh ring- hendon-london(Local Grum spot) where a local grim achieved grum status with her tom-foolery in the toilets. Enjoy and watch out for any local GRUMS
The way to use this word is easy, simply " eurghhh that chick is grum" or one that is guaranteed laughs- if the word grim is used often in your group of friends ( if you have no friends, use on twitter or facebook is optional) mate "she's grimm" you "she ain't grim she's grum"

Rather dive in the deep end or await for your moment of hilarity...once again optional...Enjoy
by @Higzwan April 26, 2012
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