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The origin of this term was sprung from three sisters living in the bowels of Sierra Vista, a small town located in southern Arizona; bordering Mexico. Derived from the word “grudge” this describes an action continued in a way that is worthy of an extended hold of said grudge. Grudgy is used as both an adjective and verb. A person who is “grudged” is typically harboring x-amount of hate towards something small. This requires little to no action beyond the simple acknowledgement of the grudge. A person who is “grudgy” shows continuing signs or actions of this poor behavior and is a repeat offender of the original grudge committed. Other terms associated with Grudgy include “grudge” “grudgeball” “grudge-o”
Emily: Oh god, what happened?
Krista: The usual, grudgy customer at work who wouldn't leave my section. Top it off with grudgy dog night since they refuse to stop barking.
Emily: Grudge! I hate days like that!
by standarddarth April 24, 2013
someone that holds a grudge
Yasmin is grudgy. She always seeks revenge.
by Nay the word inventor September 11, 2008
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