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Is the biggest ghetto in all of northern Norway. The people there are noisy, loud, rebellious and generally bad people. They are all wannabe gangsters, and speed all around town in their Volvo 240's. Can be used as an adjective.
Hey, do you wanna go to the community center?
That is sooo Gruben
by ghett0man June 13, 2015
A small piece of a ciggarette to be used in assistance to making a common cannabis spliff.

Often snapped from a ciggarete, licked, ripped then mixed with grinded/crushed cannabis and rolled into a Joint. although spelt gruben its pronounced grooben
Hey ralph... got gruben? im going to roll a fat head or

Wheres my gruben i swear it was in my grout box
by Tom Hanks Cans June 04, 2009
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