grrrawr is a combanation of grr and rawr. it means i love you and i want to fuck you.
guy: grrrawr

girl: well, grrrawr too.

*both run to a bedroom*
by sashamutt January 17, 2010
Top Definition
A word that means "I like you a lot" in Dinosaur.
Kevin: Rawr!
Chris: Grrrawr! too ...
by Vinales & Vo January 30, 2011
A word fusing both Grr and Rawr into one superword.

It has no real definition and can be used in any conversation that is dying to start it back up.
Guy: Yeah.
Girl: Mhm.
Guy: Okay.
Girl: Yup.
Guy: Grrrawr!
Girl: Thanks for saying something! I was going to stop talking to you!
by Kyle Ploger July 15, 2008
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