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The sound that every Buffyverse fan knows means the episode's over.

Also, a mocking noise made at overzealous Buffyverse fans.
So she got pissed about Spike and went "Grr! Argh!" like she was the Mutant Enemy monster.
by Ragna June 21, 2005

Words related to Grr! Argh!

1.) Exclamation of frustration or anger, often severe anger.

2.) Can also be used in a mocking way, as in "Get away from me!" In this manner, it is often accompanied by teasing "claw" hand gestures.

(Adapted from Mutant Enemy logo.)
1.) I *TOLD* my roommate to vacuum, and she *didn't* *Grr! Argh!*"

2.) "No more goofing around, I *have* to study--Go! Grr! Argh!"

by Aquila April 03, 2003
The reason I watch Buffy.
The monster at the end of Buffy makes the programme worth wasting thirty minutes of my life on.
by simelion February 07, 2005