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Term coined by fans to describe the alternate universes created by Joss Whedon used in his TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. NOTE: Buffy and Angel have their own seperate universe known as the Buffyverse.
You know, the Jossverse is an interesting place: demons and vamps on one side, space traveers on the other. How one man came up with all that is beyond me.
by Ragna June 21, 2005
The sound that every Buffyverse fan knows means the episode's over.

Also, a mocking noise made at overzealous Buffyverse fans.
So she got pissed about Spike and went "Grr! Argh!" like she was the Mutant Enemy monster.
by Ragna June 21, 2005
Pictures/video of a man with well-developed arms while he is in a tank top/wife beater or shirtless. Came about in the CSI fandom after two CSI: NY episodes ("Trapped" and "Cool Hunter") which featured the character Danny Messer (portrayed by Carmine Giovinazzo) in a wife beater.
Amy: Did you see his arms? They're so...so...wow.
Susan: That's arm porn, honey. Want to watch it again?
by Ragna March 18, 2006
Term used by fans of both "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel the Series" when too lazy to write out "BtVS" or "A:tS" or "BtVS/A:tS." Not to be confused with the alternate universe in which Firefly take place (though that is included in the Jossverse).
Fan 1: OMG, like, I so wish I lived in the Buffyverse.
Fan 2: You mean BtVS or A:tS?
Fan 1: The Buffyverse. Doesn't matter which show.
by Ragna June 21, 2005
An overly cute way of saying okay developed in a BtVS RPG's non-character chat list. Interestingly, it was started by an anime fangirl.
Sara: So, are we going to have the two characters meet or what?
Rachel: Sure. How about at the library?
Sara: Obie-kabies.
by Ragna December 30, 2005

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