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A verb; form of "to be grounded" as in "being on restriction".

Most often used in reference to teenagers' restrictions by mean Or caring parents.
"After being grounded for not coming home on time and after her mom found a receipt for $100.00 worth of beer in her car; Lindsey asked "Just how long is my groundation?".
by sdqt July 08, 2009
The act of getting caught stealing beer then throwing your purse at the police officer whom is chasing you. Then having one of your friends go in the store and say some girl stole my purse and i heard a rumor that a girl throw a purse at some cop. Then the cop calling your mom and your mom says its not your purse so you get grounded for a month, while you are grounded you write a book.=]
Ill start my book when my groundation gets bad.
by ka tr33 tr33 June 19, 2009
When you get grounded, you use this word to tell people how long this will last.
Oscar: I stole money from my brother's purse so i got 4 weeks of groundation.
by cheez~its #12 May 19, 2010
Groundation is the state of being grounded.
My six year old grandson, who was on restriction for being naughty, announced, "Grandmom, I can't go outside and play because I'm in groundation."
by Wish Mom March 23, 2010
1. The word Andrew made up.
2. The state of being grounded.
2 1/2. The state of being restricted to your house.
3. Used to tell your friends how long you are grounded for.
4. Something you NEVER want to go through because it's completely horrible.
Sydney: "im grounded! ):"
Andrew: "oh no, groundation is horrible!"
Sydney: "i know! im so scared! D:"
by RuNSYdNEYRuN!@#$ May 23, 2010
Being grounded for long periods of time with an unknown end date.

1.I was once again in groundation for yet another summer at most.
2."Hey we should hang out this weekend Nicole" says friend Raquelle

"Sorry I can't, I just started my groundation"
by Niki0119 January 24, 2011
a noun that describes the verb "being grounded"
Sydney: "Oh, hey guys, im grounded!"
Andrew: "Oh no! Well I hope you get our of your groundation soon!"
Sydney: "OHTHANKS!:D"
by RuNSYdNEYRuN! May 19, 2010
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