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A combination of "Gross" and "Dirty", though considered more extreme than either would be on their own.
Guy 1: Dude, I just put my hand on the gum that groudy chick just spit out.
guy 2: Awww, groudy!
by TheAmazingNigel December 02, 2005
1) To be nasty sick disgusting grotesque smelly, and/or dirty. (grow-dy)

2) To be bogus mean trifling or not loyal
1) Ewwww! The boys bathroom on the 2nd floor is like uber groudy!

2) Man she is so groudy! I saw her kiss my boyfriend!
by Himeko Love March 02, 2011
The combination of words gray and cloudy.
It's looking a bit groudy outside. Maybe it will rain later.
by backspace July 21, 2005
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