When there is a close up shot on something gross. Sometimes this gross object can hide its grossness from a further distance.
I thought that Olivia Munn chick was kind of hot, but then they cut from a wide shot to a gross up. Eww. What a man-face.
by HeterosexualMan April 08, 2010
Top Definition
Additional pay given to offset the tax impact of premium pay packages.

Typically per diem and other expenses may be subject to taxation after certain time limits.

Some enlightened employers Gross Up these benefits to prevent road whores from dragging up

Caution: Never accept pay for rent without a Gross Up allowance.
Field Engineer #1:"I'm dragging up to go to Mississippi with those welders"
Field Engineer #2:"Talk to those assholes in a accounting - they gross up per diem after the one year mark"
Field Engineer #1: "Sweet"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
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